Delivery date of ordered planes

When you order a new plane using a leasing purchase, why is the delivery date not after the last plane in the order book? I just ordered two new planes and they appear just after halfway in the list (before several planes of the same type).

Normally, this would be nice – I get my planes earlier – but I will be away so they will sit idle for two days before I get a chance to put them into operation. I had expected them to appear at the bottom of the list, when I will be available to schedule them immediately.

Can anyone explain how it works?

The first plane will be delivered exactly after the ammount of hours required to build the plane (highted in the screenshot).

So in this example, if I had ordered 10 aircraft at 00:00h I’d get the first one at 09:00h the next day, the next one at 18:00h the day thereafter etc. etc.

If you ordered two planes at 01:00h the same day your first one would be delivered at 10:00h the next day (1hour after mine) and the next one at 19:00h .

And to complete danielba’s info: Each Holding has its own orderbook, so to say. This basically means that the only thing influencing your aircraft orders will be orders your own holding has placed. If you control holding A, and holding B has placed an order for 6 737-700 BGW, then you will still be getting your first 73G after 21 hours (the production rate). If a second company within this holding B now also orders a 73G, then it will be delivered after the first order has been completed.

In short, other holdings’ orders don’t influence your aircraft delivery, only your own orders do.

Ok, makes sense. Thanks for the answers.

Its better this way than waiting for months to get your new plane.