Delivery time of the planes

Hi i am a newbie here, well i will call my self a noobi cus i am new to this game… my question is that… is there anyway i can get the planes quicker, i mean fair enough this game is trying to be realistic, but lets face it we wont business tycoons in the future (maby) but do i have to wait for the planes to be delivered… i mean i have nothing else to do apart from wait for the planes to arrive… is there a away the planes can be delivered quickly?

At First you should not buy any planes. Start your company by leasing some planes ( I recommend Dash 4) and set up your domestic network

It takes 1 hour to lease a plane in aircraft market.

Explore the game, since you’re a noob.

There’s no other way to speed it up.

one hour … i dont think soo more likely 12 hours …

marcipanas is refering to the used aircraft market. you can buy or lease planes here by bidding on them and, obviously, winning. the aircraft will be delivered one hour after the final and winning bid.

if you buy directly from the manufacteurer, it indeed will take between 12 and 48 hours for delivery.