Devau 11 hours delayed

Devau is 11 hours late now and is getting worse and worse…

Any statements?

Edit: Saw the post in "announcements" … maybe a pst here in "server status" would have been helpful!..

[b][size="3"]kann sich bitte mal jemand vom support um devau kümmern.

das wird so langsam immer unerträglicher!

ich kann mir noch nicht einmal mehr eine vollständige niederlassungsseite ansehen!![/size][/b]

Unfortunately, there is hardly a thing we can do, other than moving to new hardware once again as we did with Tempelhof. But this can’t happen overnight and we need to check whether a game world like Devau is able to actually “pay” for the new hardware, as harsh as it sounds.

any news abot Devau?

Nope, not yet.

danke danke für die lösung

thx thx for this solution xD

on devau its getting worse, more and more every day!

thank you very much for your solutions! :angry:

now we are 14 hours behind…

Please take note of this:

this sounds good, so i’m looking forward and i will hope this solve the performance problems of devau!

thank you very much

I was just wondering how this delay affects our game?