Devau down once again

fucking great  :angry:


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And I was just bidding on an airplane. And you wonder why more and more people are leaving - pathetic. Go figure finally out whats wrong with the servers :excl:  This is going on in one or another way since countless numbers of weeks, the current state is just no fun, only frustration, nothing else.  -_-

Have you read what the screen was saying? We were doing some maintenance, it wasn't down more than a few minutes. It should run a lot quicker now and we're confident that our performance problems have been resolved more or less.

Sure I read what it was saying. But why was there no announcement that this was a planned down time? How should I know if it is planned, if it is a crash, if it is going to take only a  few minutes, or some hours to restart the server? Communication is key in such a case and the communication in this case was not good at all! 

Communication is key in such a case and the communication in this case was not good at all!

I agree with you that communication is a very important aspect. I want to say that the general communication improved considerably during the last months but I would be pleased to further enhancements. I think that a smooth communication is able to ease frustration. Devau is not funny and the performance is slow (IMO) at the moment. I hope that the situation will improve soon. Even small actions (cheking a particular flight) are a pain at the moment. 

You are right - communication is key ... bad no reason to be so rude ... there is written "installed or upgraded" and this has never been longer than some minutes. And the good news on this ...  it seems the performance issues seem to be "solved"...

So please slow down a bit - we are not perfect but we are doing an exhausting job in the last days and don't need such a "nice" message like you wrote us. So I hope we can return to a normal communication again as this is indeed the key.

I'm working on Devau at the moment and it is somehow superfast at the moment - do you still have problems?

Maybe it´s possible to send "automatic messages" to each mail-box with "NOTAMS", sort notifications about upcoming things. This could also reduce you work-load with "vorgefertigen Blocksätzen" and one single klick to send such a message to all affected players.

I will check Devau and will respond.

I logged in and I can claim that (at the moment) the systems works very fast and smooth! Even a small action (like putting up an aircraft for lease) is now accomplished in less than a second (and not like yesterday with a minute and a report that the time ran out).

I would be pleased to hear comments from fellow players. I think that it´s important to post positive things too, not only in case of problems.


I think we should divide two things. When we are rolling out major upgrades/developments we normally inform you before hand. This is also for planned downtimes, Server Maintenance or Server Hard Drive Changes. On the other hand we all should be very greatful that especially Martin and SK and the rest of the team are working almost 24hrs a day especially when there are Problems. Martin found a solution and we tested it on the test server. As soon the results were looking promissing it was rolled out to the servers one by one to see if there are improvements or any side effects. I think for quick upgrades there is no need for Issuing a "NOTAM" kind Information.... It is like today Satureday, writing a letter. translating it to english, post it, wait 10 min until you have a excact announced time that is published costs at least 10-15 min. When the Message appears that there is an upgrade then it will take a few moments but not longer then 10 min. If you can not access the Page after that time, you can always write here in the forum. Please bear in Mind that we all have Families, need some time to relax, meeting friends etc, so we are looking in the forum but it might take a while to get a respond. But you can be 100% be certain that if we do an upgrade or other modification there are at least 2-3 Team Members monitoring the Forum for any Problem that might occur. So if you get not a reply we assumed no difficulties and might be afk  ;)

My 5 cent: I never felt that these downtimes came too often and I can't remember one (un-announced) downtime (due to patching) that lasted longer than 5-10 minutes. Therefore I don't think there is a necessity to announce every single little patch. Everybody knew there are server problems and complained about it, so one could have expected little downtimes like these. I tried to log in to stapleton when you patched recently - so I grabbed a cup of tea and after that I could login again. Of course it's annoying if you're in the middle of something (had it several times) but just imagine the flood of notifications in times like these when you get informed about every little downtime.

I doubt anything changed. Devau is slooooooooow......

Loading times around one minute… cheers

emm ... having fast responce - is it at a specific page or in general?

For me Devau currently is working fast and stable. I notice the difference especially with planning flights and flightnumber creation (actions that were very slow before).

Good work sk and martin; my compliments for your hard work: thank you!

Perhaps to satisfy everyone’s needs, when there is a patch or something that needs to be applied and is a short down time, Martin can post a global message in the game world (can’t imagine that you wouldn’t be able to put a JavaScript message up there similar to the ones received when you assign seating configs) but force the user to dismiss it rather than it disappear with time.

emm ... having fast responce - is it at a specific page or in general?

Besonders langsam ist Devau bei "neue Flugnummer anlegen" und beim Wechseln der Airline.

Sorry, English: Devau is slow when creating a new flight number and changing the airline.

I have problems to transfer an aircraft from one airline to another company. Long loading and a message that the time ran out. I stopped other things like scheduling an aircraft due to the performance-issues. Hopefully, the problems will be history soon.

Hopefully, the problems will be history soon.

I guess otherwise Airlinesim will be history soon  ;-)

I guess otherwise Airlinesim will be history soon  ;-)


to create a new flightplan is so slow... :(

If Devau is awfully slow for you right's me, running an experiment. Sorry guys.