Devau/Idlewild down

Again the weekend-update devil has struck the Devau server.:(

Just like in the two mondays before, Devau is making problems.

This time it seems to have completely crashed as it is not reachable at all.

Yes, because we are already dealing with it and took it offline to fix it.

Same for Idlewild, btw.

So this appears to be the problem:

Every monday night the game worlds delete their obsolete statistics, which takes rather long. On the only servers we have that do not run on SSDs - Idlewild and Devau - it takes even longer. We suppose it even takes so long that it interferes with the nightly backup being pulled from each game world’s database. This is just a guess, but it would explain a lot.

Anyhow…we are dropping the old stats manually right now, doing some checks and will bring the game worlds back online asap.

The backups will run later from now on to avoid interference and we are thinking about ways to get this long-running task out of the daily update on the game worlds.

Thank you for the update!

You guys are doing a great job!

Sorry Idlewild is taking so long, but its database is seriously having a bad day…

Hi Martin

Thanks for your efforts and the updates. As I see, idlewild is up and running again. I assume, it will take some time to catch up now as it looks like many flights have not yet been processed.

What I also noticed though is, that the hub time seems to be two hours behind, and the same is true on pearls.

My Hubs are in Shenzen/Guangzhou. We have currently 16:57, while the hub time shows as 14:57.

That’s because AirlineSim does not use/know Daylight Savings Time.