Devau stuck again

As it seems that nobody is reading the thread "Probleme Devau" anymore I request you to close it and I am herewith opening a new thread (for the same issue which is happening again) .

The game engine of Devau seems to be hanging again.

The today’s daily update is not running through and Devau has built up a huge backlock.

Apparently Devau is doing … nothing at all right now.

One can plan flight plans and do whatever changes one wants including hiring new planes, etc. but flights are not scheduled by the game engine. Already scheduled flights are not being executed as well.

Please have a look at it and do something!

Sorry, just got back from the dentist. Looking at it right now.

Ouch! You are excused!

Got it working again.

Not quite sure what’s causing this, but we’ll investigate.

The Server is now working, but there is a problem i think:

The Flights that took place, while the server was not working, are not added now, especially the cash income. It could be a mistake of mine, but i think its fact.

All background jobs are executed in their correct sequence. So all your income will arrive, even though a bit later.

Okay, thank you very much :rolleyes:

That sounds great! Thanks alot!

do you know the problem why it stopped?

No, not yet.