Different Airlines from different Enterprises in one Alliance?


Hey guys and greetings,
I was just wondering because on Ellinikon in Europe there is a guy who ones two seperate enterprises in fairly large markets (the real-life counterparts actually merged) and the airlines of those enterprises are members in the same alliance… Is this within the game rules?
I was always of the impression that ANY kind of business relationship between seperated enterprises belonging to the same user are strictly prohibited, thus including interlining.

I am really curious because those are some of the biggest airlines on the continent existing for over two years now and I can not be the only one who noticed so far.

Btw: I am not out for a blaming game so I am not gonna involve the username or enterprises names.


There is nothing against the rules to be in the same alliance as an alliance does not provide in any business between members automatically. If you are in an alliance you are not automatically inter line partners, and it is hard coded to prevent him interlining with himself as per usual


I am sorry I was not aware of that circumstance.

In that case I didn’t ever say a thing :upside_down_face: