Can we change the dividend percentage. sometimes i like to give share holders more!

That´s not possible it´s always 15% of your profit. But it would be nice if we had this possibility between lets say 10 and 20%…

That option will be very nice. I would go further to say that it will be perfect to let us decide the percentage: minimum should still be 15% not to affect the shareholders, but the maximum should go to 100%. Let’s assume that we have a subsidiary that we do not want to develop any further, than why keep the proffit?


I’m guessing that like most things related to the stock market that this might increase the ability to cheat?

Why thiscould increase the ability to cheat? This will not give you the possibility tobuy more share at the IPO’s but to get back sooner your invested money. If the dividendpercentage is larger than 15% you win more money. I think this will make thestock market more interesting for us. Of course, this way you can move moremoney to the holding but, as I have said: if you do not want to develop anymoreyour subsidiary why keep the profit?

I like this Idea. And I don’t see how you could cheat. The subsidiary is yours and if you want to get all the profit from it you should be able to do so. Especially, as it has been said, if the company is not planning any expansion. As long as there is a minimum that you must give out to shareholders.