Do passangers fly abroad in this game or Croydon?

I'm just wondering if passangers in this game or i should say Croydon are aware that they can also fly abroad!

I'm in Japan Croydon server and its crazy how unware i think they are!

I started a separate international operation so that i dont have financial burden on my maine airline because of this situation and i have seen examples of people having 2 separate airlines for domestic and international flights in other servers.

And I'm part of the biggest alliance in Croydon, with plenty IL's on both domestic and international operations.

Now, i know this AGEX thing and all that but people need to fly dont they?

Are you sure that your ORS rating are good compared to the competitors on given routes? 

Everything from seats to prices and all of that seems perfect to me plus operating 787's.

Name of your airline please? :)

Nihon International and Nihon Airlines, but this applies only to the 1st one.


You havent really got enough IL-partners at your selected destinations in my opinion. (In most places you have none!). Your regional airline aint feeding the international with enough passengers I guess.

If I were you, I would get rid of the 3 767’s you have in your regional airline and replace them with long distance planes. Would make much more sense in my opinion :slight_smile:

Really?? :)

Not all true but thank you for your help!