Do "passengers" care about weekdays or the best offer?

My question is actually spread over a few questions:

  1. Is there a difference in traffic during weekends compared to Monday - Friday?

  2. Do "passengers" care if the flight takes place at 3AM compared to a more reasonable hour?

  3. Do "passengers" wait if there is a better flight tomorrow compared to today? (Will they wait for my direct flight which runs tomorrow instead of taking any available (possible lousy) connection today?)

  4. Is there any point in spreading flights evenly during the week or best option is to just have "1234567 flights"?

Thank you

one to answer them all… :wink:


ok, this really only answers 1 and 2, but still… :wink:

so here is the thing: every airport has its demand calculation once every 24 hours,you can find the time on the airport page. at this moment, the demand is distributed according to the flight ratings, which can be found in the ORS (Online Reservation System).

this sort of answers number 3. passengers do wait up to three days (since flights are only inserted in the ORS three days in advance) for a better flight, if its ORS rating is high enough.

and this also answers number 4. you should always spread flights as evenly as possible throughout the week. if demands is right, sure, go for daily. if you have very small airports or lack the resources to fly a daily service, try at least every third day (well, not really possible in a seven day week) or every other day.

and to answer number 5 (yes, there is, you just don’t see it yet ;-):

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  1. and 2. No differences.

  2. according to the transfer time of your server. they wait this time but only for connecting flights

and must be the best combination of the ors (write if you need an example)

  1. This makes no difference

damn, too late :P

Does that means that if i make a flight every 3 days i would get 3 times more PAX?

Like I operate from A to B every day ( for simplicity let’s say I’m the only one operating on these airports and there is only direct passengers) so I get 30 PAX on every flight. If i make a flight every 3 days does that means that now i will get 90 PAX on every flight ?

under the circumstances described by you, yes

but that would require you to be the only carrier flying to both airports and no one else can fly to any airport within the groundnetwork, so the realistic answer is no.

I have been under the impression that demand is calculated ‘daily’ - so excess demand would not be carried over to the following day(s).

However, the flight load would vary based on what is available each given day.

Correct me if I’m wrong.


well, you are correct as in: if two airports haven’t been connected for a week, you can’t expect to find 7 times 30 (from the example above) a day = 210 pax waiting for the first flight.

however, since flights are entered three days ahead, there is a demand calculation once a day, and you have a flight every 3 days…

then on day 1, pax book the flight on day 3

on day 2, pax book the flight on day 3

on day 3, pax book (and fly) on day 3

on day 4, pax book the flight on day 6

keep in mind, that this always assumes, that there are no other connections between these two airports whatsoever. this is never the case, as there is always a ground connection with an ORS rating of 0.

So does it work on small airports ( 1 demand bar)? Basically i’m the only one flying to them and if i get daily amount around 15 so if I make a flight every 3 days I shoud get an increase in PAX of course not 3 times because of ground networks and other stuff but it still should increase at least 2 times?

I can’t give you numbers, but yeah, you should have an easier time filling up the plane when you only fly every third day

keep in mind thou, that pax only wait 8 hours for a connecting flight. so if you fly to all very small airports in your vicinity, but only every third day, most connections won’t be possible