does competitors steal all the marketing sector to lead no passenger loading?

I have at least one competitor in 2 routes HKG to HND and SIN. they fly so much full booking flights. do they hold the whole marketing sector to lead me no passenger loading?

none at all? that would be quite impossible to me!

1st: Check your traffic rights.

2nd: Look at the ORS, in which position are you? Do they charge less then you and have a much better rating?

3rd: Traffic often results from connecting possibilities. These people might be offering a better network.

Ok, I checked your traffic rights, these are OK.

So your package might not be good enough.

Oh, and 4th: How long did you wait? Airport bookings are processed ONCE per day per airport. Hongkong on croydon is due at 14:37 UTC (in 2 hours), Singapore at 17:51 UTC (5 hours).

I have waited since 18th June. whats the problem?

I have checked ORS. I cannot find my route. It does’t display so no rating to my route. why is that?..and the competitors are all 5 green rating.

The ORS lists only the BEST flight possibilities to travel. So it may very well be the case your competitors offer a better package. If you are not on the screen, everybody you see (and possibly more of them!) offer a better deal and are booked first.

You may also try to get your flight in the picture by selecting "show flights … in 48 hours". Then you’ll only see all the flights for the day after tomorrow, which reduces connections a bit.

If you need more help, feel free to contact me .

Edit: Not sure where you’re from, but also in Chinese, if you want to!

The ORS only displays the top 30 (I believe) results. If your flights aren’t on there, their rating is lower than the lowest displayed flight.

You can see the exact rating (in points, maximum 100) if you hover over these green bars.

Things you can try to improve this:

  • Go to your Route Management screen and check the prices your competitors are charging. Compare these to your and make adjustments as you think are required. No need to charge way below then, though a few AS$ below may be in order to attract some of the direct traffic.

  • Change your service profile, offer better service (drinks, food, magazines, etc.)

  • Change your cabin configuration. Take out a few seats, take seats that are one level better than you had before, add an additional flight attendant.

All things you can try to improve your rating on a route. You probably don’t need to do all of them, so go for the least invasive ones first. Cabin config changes cost money (you pay for the entire config, even if all you changed is the amount of flight attendants), so if you do this, make sure you do all changes you wanted to do in a single go, else it can get very costly.

edit: Plotz’ advise is also good. At least no-one can say AS has bad support.

I have checked ORS recently. It shows my flight 5 green rating. It is the best, but I found the passenger loading is still very low(about 8/141). Happily, the cargo loading is full sometimes. Why the passenger’s is low?