Does the system still automatically buy aircrafts offered for 2 weeks?

I have comitted a huge mistake. I won an auction via credit instead of leasing. I’ve pressed the wrong button.

Now, I want to sell it. I know nobody will buy it (nobody buys a Sukhoi Superjet 100-95, I think) =/

I wonder if my aircraft will be automatically bought after two weeks without an offer. I don’t know if the aircraft market introduction has changed the rules. I expect not.

AS would buy it back… but only you offer it at 10% of your bookworth… if nobody else buys it AS takes it after 2 weeks for the 10% bookworth + (i think) 5% of the worth the aircraft costs as new…

It will be bought. (But you have to offer it at 10%!)

I can’t, since the new rules of the market do not allow me to offer it for less than 100%.

And I want to sell it to pay the huge loan I got. It doesn’t make sense only being possible at 10%.

From ASpedia

"[font="sans-serif"][size="2"]It is only possible to sell if you meet the required criteria: (a) you are the owner of the aircraft and (b ) aircraft has no scheduled flights. Similarly, one can also choose whether the sales contract is pre-signed or not.[/size][/font][font="sans-serif"][size="2"]If the aircraft is not sold in 14 days, AS will buy the plane from you."

There’s no mention about this 10% rule in any place of the wiki section or in this forum. Can you show me where you’ve seen that information?[/size][/font]

The ASPedia has not been updated yet with this information. In fact, the entire quoted bit is out-dated, since the option of pre-signing or not is no longer available either.

So this 10% rule really exists? If does, it doesn’t make any sense. As long as I pay the loan, I won’t get any benefit of it.

That is the point.

What would stop you to buy it for 20% and sell it to AS for 100%?

No, that’s not the point. I have a loan to pay. I could even sell it for 70% of the price to pay part of the loan. I would not get any benefit of it.

I’m already paying half million dollars per week for a plane that I don’t want. I don’t see the point on it. The offer value should be related with the amount of loan you have to pay yet, not this ad hoc 10% rule that doesn’t make sense.

because that 100% is only 100% of the original 20% you paid, so no profit.

(unless I’m misunderstanding what you are saying)

The ease with which players can make incredibly costly mistakes under the current 1 click bid system continues to be troubling (and potentially devastating for small airlines).

Nope, that is 100% of the value of the plane, not the book price.

I treid to sell some planes, but i dont understand 2 things.

1 ow long before it shows up in the aircraft market2 if i offer it for 100% of the value, then i would get aout the same value minus the depreciation correctBut what happens if a player overbids the 100% would i get the difference.?