Don't change flight schedules on Tempelhof


I am reorganising my flight numbers and last night, just after midnight, I changed a few flight schedules: same plane, same destination, new flight number. This is the result:

MNM 4391 Cairo 24.11. 17:10 HT Nejran 24.11. 20:02 HT

[i]return flight not entered in the ORS

outbound flight not entered in the ORS[/i]

MNM 2282 Tabuk 25.11. 04:20 HT Cairo 25.11. 05:26 HT

MNM 2293 Cairo 25.11. 08:15 HT Taif 25.11. 10:21 HT

The server was then doing work it should have done around 17:00 hrs the previous day. I thought it would add the new flights as it was catching up the delay. But the server only removed the old flights. The server did not add the changed flights between 17:00 hrs and the actual time.

In other words, if the server has a delay of 12 hours, you can only make changes in that half of the day that is not yet affected by the delay.



You’re sure you’ve always used new flight numbers? And you have not activated until after 72 hours? In case of delay, of course, you have to note that the flights may be booked for the first time before the expiration of 24 hours.


Had a similar problem where changing aircraft resulted in multiple canceled flights despite the a/c appearing to be in the correct location. Tempelhof is just jacked up right now with the flight processing lag.


Hi André,

in this case it was only a matter of giving a new flight number to an existing flight. And yes, the flight schedule was activated with a 3 day delay. Remember… I gave a new flight number to existing flights, so the flight schedule already existed and flights were already booked for the coming days.

But to the computer, a new flight number means a new flight. So it is important for all players to know that Tempelhof is - to use Outliers words - jacked up.

And another thing I noticed. in theory, flights go through the ORS 3 times (3 days) before the flight departs. In reality the ORS neglects flights that depart shortly after the demand is calculated. An example:

Cairo calculates it’s demand at 20:43 hrs. The ORS does not book tickets for a flight that leaves the same day at 22:00 hours. So flights that leave shortly after an airport calculates it’s demand, only have two days to book tickets. With the current delay on the Tempelhof server, a lot of flights only get 2 bookings. The demand of an airport is calculated with a delay of 10 hours but with the real take-off time in mind. At least, that is how it seems to me. Someone please correct me if I am wrong on this.


I’m pretty sure that’s not accurate at all… All processes are lagging behind. The only exception to that seems to be the "3 days delayed" activation of a flight schedule. How exactly it works, I’m not sure, but I can imagine it somehow marks the flight number to only start booking flights departing after the user’s click on the button (whatever that time was). As such, that should be the only thing that isn’t in sync with the time the server is working on at the moment. I have no reason to believe demand calculation is also being affected by this.

As for your Cairo example, I’m not exactly sure what’s up there. It does seem kind of odd. If that is the case (from what you say, it sounds like bookings can only happen on flights that are still at least 2 hours away from the calculation time), then I guess some tweaking is in order. Send us a bug report so we can keep track of the issue.

Indeed, my personal opinion is that we should be rebated some credit for use of Tempelhof over the last few days. It’s causing some strange issues with load factors and also new route/AC launches from what I’ve been experiencing.

Hi Tim, that is probably the reason. But with user clicks in "real" time and server bookings in "delayed" time, you get the strange results I referred to. The purpose of my posting was to warn other players for unwanted mix ups.

I don’t know if the limit is two hours away from calculation time. However, in the past I have already noticed that when an airport calculated it’s demand, passengers book tomorrows flight and the day after tomorrows flight, but not the flight that leaves a few hours later the same day. If I am the only guy who ever noticed this, I may have misinterpreted the bookings. That’s why I asked people to correct me if I am wrong


Not on longer haul, but certainly on ultra-short-haul/regional flights - I’ve noticed a lot of last-hours bookings leading up to the flights and lots on the first batch after they are loaded - not much in between. I’d say I’ve had an opposite experience

Thanks for your reply. Seems like I misinterpreted the bookings here.

Anyway, I hope the server gets back on track soon. I now have a new plane that is doing a transfer flight to the starting airport of it’s schedule. Unfortunately the server skipped it’s first flight, so I have to do another transfer flight. In the mean time the plane should have landed at it’s original starting point hours ago, but because of the server delay it is still "inflight". So the game refuses to accept another transfer flight. Jeez !

And I still hate the fact that three of my planes have cancellations because I had the audacity to replace old flight numbers by new flight numbers while the server has a backlog. Playing a game is fun. Trying to figure out how and when the server will enter a new flight in the ORS is not fun.


My explanation for the flights departing shortly after demand calculation:

Not enough people to buy one last minute - i.e. most of the passengers wishing to travel that route will have made alternative arrangements by then.

Also less IL traffic if the flight is only on the ORS for 24-30 hours.


I think everyone needs to suck up the fact that from time to time, things go wrong. I’m sure your internet slows down or disconnects at some point - you don’t get a rebate. Etc etc.

Time will be better spent coming up with ways of preventing (or minimising) future delays instead of talking about rebates.

Besides, all the time lag has done is slow the game down. I still managed to add routes to about 10 aircraft, equip them with seats and pilots, transfer them to my hub, and get them into the ORS.

Don’t use downtime as an excuse if you’re airline is not doing as well as you expect it to.

It’s hardly an excuse, really. I want to liquidate a holding/subsidiary and it took 6 hours to do so, by which time it had taken the credit count for it. The problem is that certain things remain in real time whilst the bulk remain behind.

I’m pretty sure that the credit consumption is part of the update script too