Don't get loan..

I own 5 old ATR’s (combined worth about 11.500.000A$ and got 1 leased LET. Next to that i’m profitable. I had a profit margin of 28% in my second week operations.

I would think that should be enough security for the bank. What can I do more to get a loan?

I searched the forums on this problem but I couldn’t sort out why I don’t get a loan. IMO I do fill al the requirement’s.

I hope I placed this question in the right place in the forum. Please feel free to move if it’s misplaced.


before the changes, 10 million worth of owned planes would give you a loan limit of around 5 million.

After the changes… nobody knows except the AS-team. Perhaps they are willing to tell us.


(of misschien krijgen brokkenpiloten geen lening ;) )

I hope we can he some info soon, I find it quite frustrating not being able to get the bank to lend me some money to cover my short term screw ups. I have a balance value of over 100mil and make about 6mil profit a week and would have thought any bank would love to lend me money.

Just to clarify - do you OWN them or do you lease them?

The main difference afaik is that the bank now gives out the loan after a certain period of profitability. They need to see it’s not just a lucky hunch.

Is there no way of implementing it so it reviews our existing financial data? I used to be eligible for loans of about 2.5mil but for the last week I haven’t been able to get anything which is a bit of a bummer. All my aircraft are leased but I do have 48 of them!

I hope so since they play too

Thanks for the replies. I guess I have to start leasing planes.

I do own the planes.

On meigs interest keeps getting higher


48 planes… that’s around 5 million in cabin seats. With the old system that gave you a credit limit of around 2.5 million.

We don’t hear from AS, so I have checked how much money my airlines could borrow. The bank does not tell you straight away what your credit limit is. But when you borrow the maximum amount, the next time they offer you less money. So I kept borrowing money until my further credit limit became less than 5% of what I already borrowed.

Airline 1

Credit limit is over 600 million dollar. This airline has a balance of 860 million and owns 790 million in flight equipment.

In this case the credit limit is 70% of the balance value, or 75% of the value of the owned planes.

Airline 2

Over 110 million. This airline has a balance of 340 million and owns 178 million in flight equipment.

In this case the credit limit is 32% of the balance value, or 62% of the value of the flight equipment.

Airline 3

Over 22 million. This airline has a balance value of 170 million and owns 42 million in flight equipment.

In this case the credit limit is 12% of the balance value, or 52% of the value of flight equipment.

Airline 1 is the oldest airline. The three airlines have a triple A rating and on average a weekly profit margin of around 25%. If I had to guess, I would say that even with the new system, the bank still looks at your assets. But God only knows the other factors. Well, and Martin of course.


That seems about right. The bank should provide between 50 - 70% of your owned property so that they can, in case you run it to the ground, get their money back.

How about loans for holdings? Once again I forgot the frustrating ‘be-careful-to-open-up-an-enterprise-after-you-start-a-new-holding’. My holding is therefor directly my airline. I know they can’t start an IPO, with are they still able to get a loan?

You will be able to get a loan if you have securities. Securities are bought aircraft and/or Terminals. But so far we don’t know when you will be able to get a loan since the Team is not telling us where the limit is, so we have to find it out by ourselfs. But you will be definately able to get a loan… question is only when and what you need to get one.


Ok, thanks.

Then they really raised the requirements to get a loan, compared with older versions of the game.

I’m finding it really frustrating now that I’m still not able to get any loans with any of my operations and I have one holding and two enterprises all of which are profitable. The holding earns all its income through dividends and owns about 9mil in terminals. Enterprise 1 has the fleet of 48 aircraft, primarily 737s so has about 5mil in assets and is profitable with AAA rating. Enterprise 2 has 15 aircraft, also profitable with AAA rating but only leases regional aircraft so probably flight equipment worth 750k. Before the update I was able to borrow considerable amounts of cash but now I can’t borrow anything and it really affects my flexibility!

What more do I need to do to get a loan?!?

You need Securities for a loan. So you have to buy Aircrafts or build Pessenger Terminals. Unfortunately this is the only way to get a loan. If you only lease the aircrafts you will not be able to get a loan. Regardless if you have a AAA Rating und a good Profit.


Has anyone on Meigs gotten a loan yet? I’m worth 63 mil, have had over 50% profit margins since week 1, own 2 planes, and have a AAA rating, yet still [color=#333333][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2]The lender do not consider loan requests from this enterprise to be appropriate at this time.[/size][/font][/color]

Sure, I’m developing on loans for the last 3 weeks. Can’t pinpoint precise limit, but I get first loan with 30+ mil. on equity and 14+ mil. on flying equipment. And I got only 3 mil. than.

Well I have 7.5mil worth of terminals and a balance value of over 30mil on my holding plus the obvious AAA rating and a 97% margin but still no loans available to me?

100 million in equity, 10 million in flight equipment, still no loans. Can we call this a bug yet?

So when did they change this?

I mean, this ruling makes no sense. Every leased aircraft has 5% of its value retained as a deposit, which guarantees repayment of any loan up to this value after deducting cancellations and paying final installment.