Effective AC Type


how far was the destination you checked ? Say a return flight takes 11 or 12 hours. In this case the Aircraft Evaluation Tool will tell you the plane can perform 14 flights per week. So the Evaluation tool will divide the leasing cost over these 14 flights (one daily outbound and one daily return flight). As a result, the plane will not be profitable on that route.

If you follow the logic of the Evaluation Tool, your plane would be sitting on the ground 12 hours per day. In reality, your plane may do that one long return flight and then do a second (shorter) flight and still get enough maintenance. So in reality the leasing cost is divided over 28 flights instead of 14. That makes your plane profitable.

Another reason may be that you are using a fast and efficiently working maintenance contractor. And that may allow you to perform 28 flights per day instead of 14.