EMB-120RT Brasilia at 31% capacity under first range


I am a new player so please forgive me if this is a common problem. I have found that I can only fill the EMB-120RT Brasilia to 31% on a flight from LPB to SBL when the flight is less than the 925km range where the aircraft should be able to cary the full capacity. I have a similar problem for flights from LBP to GYA. I have attached screenshots from the preformence information screen for both routes. I do not know why this is happening and any help will be apreciated.



Screenshot 2014-10-15 21.44.03.png


Screenshot 2014-10-15 21.44.45.png

Due to runway length. The runway is too short for the aircraft to come to a complete stop with the weight of a full aircraft, or it’s not long enough to reach takeoff velocity.

In your case, the landing runway is too short. You need 1870 meters for full landing performance, and you only have 1764 meters of runway available. This means, your payload will be reduced to accommodate for a required lower maximum landing weight.

And Btw, Bolivia is a VERY difficult market to start an airline.  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpVUxdiS7yw8inNjRSmdp9mBRleh36qGB

Thanks. I did not know that that was the problem and will now be trying to find a way around it.

This is my first airline so I will try to base it of the video and hope I do not get liquidated soon.

You are on ellinikon... BSB, GIG, LIM, GDL ... all would be much easier to set up a profitable airline in, and currently have very little competition. BOG is also a very good market and has little competition now but it is under unrestricted market access so you should set up your holding in a restricted country first (USA, Europe, Brazil, Mexico... some country you might want to play in the future) so you maintain traffic rights for that country, then set up a subsidiary in BOG if you decide. If you decide for BSB or GIG, you need to set up holding in Brazil, if for LIM, in Peru, if for GDL, in Mexico.

Just FYI, setup

Restricted Country (holding) - can play in Restricted country where set up

-Unrestricted country (subsidiary) - can play in any Unrestricted country (must set up there)

-Restricted country (subsidiary) - can play in the same Restricted country as the Holding (SAME COUNTRY)

Unrestricted Country (holding) - can play in Unrestricted country where set up

-Unrestricted country (subsidiary) - can play ONLY in the Unrestricted country as the holding or

-Unrestricted country 2 (subsidiary) - can play in another Unrestricted country (must set pup there).

As you see it's best to set up holding in a restricted country where you MIGHT want to play some day, even if you set up a subsidiary in an Unrestricted country (example above: Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, some Caribbean islands, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Kenya, Tanzania, Laos, etc.)

But for a beginner, I really would NOT start in Bolivia, especially if this is your first airline. Take my advice and go for some of the bigger markets I suggested that have low competition at the moment (on Ellinikon).