English version of Terms & Cond.?

Hi all…

New user here, and owner of Valet Air.

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I think Simulogics needs to put an english translation of the terms and conditions up, somewhere that people can find them prior to joining. I looked everwhere, before and after joining, and still can’t find an english version of what I’m supposed to have agreed to. I noticed an article elsewhere also (possibly in the wiki), which needed an english version (I can’t remember what it was though). Is there like a volunteer translator who such things can be directed to?

I’ve been at this a few hours now and am enjoying it. I used to play Airline 4 which is like this, but this is far better. I also spend a lot of time on Microsoft FSX.

Anyway, happy simming,


This should be what you are looking for: http://en.airlinesim.aero/wiki/index.php/Terms_%26_Conditions

Many thanks Martin :) , though my suggestion still stands for the pre-signup T&C which needs an english option. I had to signup without knowing what I was agreeing to.

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll have a look at it.