I am becoming really disappointed with Airline Sim.

At first it seemed to be a really good game, but I am starting to find that Airline Sim is not all it seemed to be for the following reasons:

[indent]I wanted to operate a flight from London - Singapore - Sydney - Singapore - London like airlines such as British Airways and Qantas, but Airline Sim will not permit passengers on the Singapore - Sydney - Singapore sector as my airline has its Holding Company in the UK, so what is the point. A real airline would be able to operate the flight, so why can’t it be done on Airline Sim???

Some game players have their own set of rules and that is to SCREW everybody else over, by ensuring that there is no slot availability at any of the decent airports in the game. I saw a comment on the forums from a member previously who dared to raise this issue, and I can see that he/she had been pounced upon by Airline Sim staff.

Airline Sim staff are so RUDE!!!

[/indent]I am really disappointed with Airline Sim and seriously looking at the alternatives.

I’m a new player to this game and so far i have been enjoying my time. Sure it’s hard to start your airline and that some airports are full but that’s the fun part about the game!!! It’s what makes the game a lot more challenging then usual!! I play In a world where airlines are HUGE so it makes it challenging to play, but in the end, you have as much advantage as they do! Which is what makes this game interesting.

Well, concerning this is your first post, you seem to know much about the game and the forum. :blink:

  • the staff isn’t more rude than some players

  • traffic rights have been discussed several times - real life traffic rights are somewhat too complex for a simulation, as far as I understand it

  • players screwing you up: that’s called competition

And as your main intention is to advertise a competitor: tested it, didn’t like it… have fun


You can operate this route, but there is no passenger boarding in SIN bounding SYD and viceversa - like in reality by the way.

Hope it’s nnot to rude to delet your link ;)

Sorry, you’re completely wrong here!

You can schedule the flight London - Singapore - Sydney with the ‘via’-function, then passengers could fly from London to Sydney with your airline, but as you’ve said, you don’t have the traffic rights to fly passengers from Singapore to Sydney.

And guess what? That’s exactly like in real life! BA is not allowed to transfer local passengers from Singapore to Sydney - simply try to book such a flight on the BA website, it isn’t possible!

So please…

Hi SK & Veoni,

I think this is becoming a contentious issue. After reading this particular forum I actually checked the BA website last night and you are wrong as British Airways on their website sell seats on SIN-SYD (BA0015 - B744@ 19:55) and SYD-SIN (BA0016 -B744 @ 16:25) and is priced at approx SGD440.


Just on pure Interest I just checked as well the official ba website … and if i want to book a flight FROM SIN the only option i can choose to fly TO is SIN as well … no other option is available to me … so I am getting confusd right now … but as it looks to me as it is not possible …

I have attached a screen print from the BA website!!!

First 2 options is city and country. In this case both is "Singapore".

Look further down.

I have no problem finding SYD_SIN_SYD on ba.com website. Also I remember flying this route few years ago and there were passengers joining in SIN.

To answer this question, Singapore have a open sky agreement with a few countries.

United Kingdom is one of the country obtained 1st to 9th freedom of the air from Singapore, by logic that a company based in UK should be able to fly from Singapore to any other foreign country without restriction.

Also, I believe UK have the 7th freedom of the air from Australia for flying between foreign country and continue to UK.

So, vintage_aircraft and Betty_jets are correct that the route should not be restricted.

Again, due to the complication of the freedom of the air it do not work the same for every countries and basically following the actual rules will eat up AS server or just crash it if they going to implement it.

Quantas and British Airways didn’t start with Long-Haul routes. Foucus on the national and regional demand, than on the longer routes.

For help, start on DEVAU and I explain you everything you want.


Finally :)

I would hope that AS would therefore consider opening up SIN to either these or all countries if they use the ‘VIA’ function only.

Yeah, they are definitely rude. I’m a new player and for about over a month I didn’t realize I had an active account on Pearls sucking away my credits, I only play on Meigs. AS staff told me they can’t refund any credits on the unused account because I deleted it when I saw it was just sitting there and they are unable to check any logs because it’s deleted. The AS staff say they can “see more” in the other threads about the widespread cheating issues…but they somehow can’t see ANYTHING about an unused account I had open on a server I never logged into. They could have given me a few of the credits back…something.

I’ve only got 32 credits left and I am questioning if I really want to continue playing this game. They could have at least told me they could give me a few extra credits on my next purchase…or try to work something out with me.

I see what happened there, they could have refund you if you did not delete the unused account. When you delete the account, it did prompt you of deletion of your airline from the server.

AS is still running pretty much volunteering basis and that is different case between unused account and cheating. The fact that who will report other people not doing anything with their account?

I’m sorry for what happened to you, cause I did that before. =/

I think the slot thing is just the reality! In some airports it’s hard to get a good slot, even for big Airlines. But I think AS may introduce some slot transaction thing.

I’d be more then happy if they were to increase slot count by 10%…i’m trying to fly into some very big airports in Europe…and well…it’s almost impossible!!! lol

10 percent makes thing not better. long ago there was a bug coming with the airport update and (nearly) doubled the slot count at some airports (the big ones, too).

But after some weeks all new slots were assigned.

you see, it’s a normal problem, in reality, too.


Yeah, it’s just sad as this creates expansion issues. I’ve been trying to fly into certain airports in Germany and Italy and those were just completly full or almost completly full. It makes things fun but at the same time makes it rather difficult to expand.