Error reservation system

Two of the same flights number on the same leg within one days impossible to create, even if the schedule is different. This paramener is controlled by all systems. It’s rule № 1 for Airline. Why Reservation System allows to create the same flight number (with the same leg/segment) within one day?

This happens on changing times in a running schedule. If I didn’t make any error there is a switch in the days at UTC time between these two flights?

No, no UTC time is not important. Flight schedule has been changed up 2 hr (departure later). I say that all departures control systems must control flights numbers. Two same flights numbers on the same leg and in the single airport impossible within one day. This rule was adopted in 1956 by ATC.

Real reservation system in these cases warn the users remark:

"Flight (number, departure date) already created." Reservation system will always blocks ticket sales to double flights.

If for any reason a flight is divided into two flights (change one large aircraft on 2 small), additional flight is assigned postfix "A", for example: 4Z-338A. In case of flights delays from the previous day, after flight number need slash and date. For example: 4Z-338/21FEB

That’s what I tried to explain…

Ufa has a timezone UTC +5

The old flight has been at 3:20 LT that means 22:20 UTC the day before - the new flight is scheduled at 5:20 LT or 0:20 UTC. For the system these are two different days!

Sorry, but no one reservation system not work in UTC time. In the passenger’s tickets always shows departure in local time only!

If Airline changes the time of departure (in advance), the system sends messages to each passenger with a new departure time, but system doesn’t create dublicate flight.

In my case, system has created another flight and all seats were sold.

Tell me please, why flight 4Z-116 UUD-VKO / 24FEB has been canceled automatically?

I canceled flt 4Z-116/26FEB manually, but I don’t touch flight 4Z-116/24FEB.

Take a look what the reason was - there is a tip text on moving the mouse over the "canceled" word.

Remarks: "Wrong Airport still on air".

Not clear why.

I think, this is a system error. I had to fly the empty plane from UUD to VKO 24 feb.

But that is obvious - your flight to UUD arrives just after the next flight should start!

I see, but I can’t understand why it’s happened. The schedule was changed for whole aircraft rotation cycle, but not for single flight 4Z-116 from Ulan-Ude to Vnukovo.

[left]I think that in this case, the logic of the system is wrong. This case need classified as "change departure time"

Airline not cancelled flights 4Z-116. In real life, if departure time was changed, system sending message to all passengers.[/left]

[left]There’s no one reasons for flight cancellation.[/left]