Evaluate this route please.

 I got a question about a route I set up. That flopped.  I got 0 % loads on everything. Not a single passenger. 

The Route is Los Angeles  California, to  Beijing China ,   And back.   LAX-PEK-LAX.   I'm using a DC8-73.  I set it up Wednesday I think. First flight today. And the flight completed. 

    In real life.   This is a very in demand route for 777s.    I have flown this route numerous times.  And in the Sim , both airports are high demand.    So I took a chance to see what would happen.    Also in the sim. No  competition  is flying the route.   So I thought either there's a reason. Or just nobody figured the route would work.   

Fire away guys.   I have no idea why this route should not work.


You are kidding right ?

1. This is NOT real Life ..... its a simulation .......

2. You are operating Aircrafts that are 44!! Years old ..... Passengers will not be happy flying with these......

3. You obviusly have no clue about this game nor an Idea what you like to do. 

You got 3 Planes, 1 737-200F and 2 DC 8-73CF. 

4. This is a HUB based game ...... meaning you need to feed your main hub ( Your Comapny is based in CLE so I am asuming your main Hub will be CLE).

One flight is a Cargo flight and the other one is a Pax Flight.

Ask Yourself what you want! A Pax Airline or a Cargo Airline. Then start feeding your Hub ...... whereever that Hub may be...... Put flight after flight after flight there.... If CLE is your Hub you have to build it up...... If it will be LAX ... build it up ......  You need a Network of flights to get more passengers ... the more Choices Passengers have to travel the more Passengers you Get. Don't even think about International flights until you have 1000-1500 Daily!! Flights at your Hub. You will not generate enough Passengers. And use much much younger airplanes. The planes you have might work for cargo but never for passengers.

To sum it up .... the route is not working because you have no Hub in LAX therefore you can not generate any traffic. It dosn't mean because both Airports are Mega Airports with High Demand that this works. People are flying with for example United Airlines to LAX from all over the UA Network around the world .... get collected in LAX and then ending in a flight from LAX to PEK. YOU don't have any flight (not even a daily one) .... No connections at all......Flying with crappy airplanes that have 2!! Red bars on Passanger Comfort and you still wonder why the route will not work?? 

Ryan Air don't do hubs . And its number 1 in Europe.  Plenty of Airlines don't do hubs.   But  hub based is understandable. So is most of your explanation.  I wouldn't fly United to China if my life depended on it.  Air China cost half as much and the food is 5 times better.        But  I got to make a hub. Oh joy.     Thanks 

 I'm using a DC8-73.

My experience is that the beautiful DC-8-73 can´t be operated economically, no matter how many passengers are booked. The most important cost-factor are the huge maintenance costs.

It is really important to have a hub to feed your flights.


I can't run DC8s.  I guess that rules out buying a ex DHL one in Florida for 5 mil.  And you don't need no stinkin hubs. Hubs cost more and cause trouble. 

I can't run DC8s.  I guess that rules out buying a ex DHL one in Florida for 5 mil.  And you don't need no stinkin hubs. Hubs cost more and cause trouble. 

No. Almost all big airlines operate in a hub system. Ryanair is one of the few exceptions, but they do have some hubs (STN, DUB, CIA, BGY etc.). Hubs don't cost more, once you centralize your operations. You have less personal costs.

I think you didn’t understand how this game works, which is like in reality. If you put an old aircraft with shitty board service in the route, nobody fly it.

Start as a small airline. Try regional routes first. Establish hubs and explore routes with high-density demands like NY-Chicago, Rio-São Paulo, Sydney-Melbourne, Shanghai-Beijing, Delhi-Mumbai etc.

With all due respect, it seems like you are asking a lot of questions in the forums but not really paying attention to the answers. The people who are taking the time to answer your questions are trying to help you. 

I think that if you just sit back, take a deep breath, and study the forums, the wiki, the answers to your questions, etc., you can come up with a plan for an airline that works (without becoming as frustrated as you seem to be). You are not the only player who has had difficulties early in this game. There is a big learning curve. Most players have had a few false starts before they got truly got it right. In my case, I have stopped counting the number of times that I have restarted; however, I have learned and am starting to get it right.

I would suggest--initially, at least--that you try what is being suggested (hubs, smaller planes and routes, etc.) and get some experience with the mechanics of the game. Then, after you have become more accustomed to how it works, you could experiment and try more of your own ideas of how you want your airline to operate.

Always start with small cheap aircraft (make sure the rating is good) and look at regional routes. They are a lot cheaper to operate, a lot easier to fill up, and a lot more profitable. Once your regional network is set up, by adding a Long Haul flight, many of your pax will transfer in and out of the new flight - so you actually end up selling more than one ticket to each passenger.

All the best!

You should check the ORS for the rating of your flight. If it is lower than other connections people in AS wont fly with you.

Also getting intercontinental connections filled strongly relies on your local and regional network feeding up your long haul flights. Not having a network will make you always make a problem getting such routes full.