Hey there, i have a question:

The Flightplan of Taiwan Airlines shows me, that he flys 188 weekly departures from Anady (DYR). You never heard about Anadyr? Well, its a 1-demand village in the farfarfarnortheast close to the beeringstreet. (no transfer possible)

From there, TW flys to 10 northamerican Airports with booked out 73J and 13 x daily (!!!) to TPE. How that can be possible?! How can a Company of Taiwan sell seats in a russian-USA flight? Why so many people wanna fly to the beering-street daily? Short: is TW using an exploid?

or not?

His planes are refuelling in a small airport (with a long runway). The passengers are staying aboard and continuing to the final destination.

i see, sonds legal. i was irritated by the Routes within 3party-countrys.

It is legal because the airline is not picking up passengers in country B. The passengers are travelling from A - C. If some passengers disembark in B (this happens occasionally) no one can get on to fill the empy seats.