Exploiting with small aircraft


I’ve seen alot of Airlines exploit the booking / ORS by running loads of very small Aircraft on the new game server.

The way this exploit works is that ORS / booking consider every connection equally. So a company that runs 30x LETs for 2 million each will actually get 30 TIMES more Passengers compared to a company that instead runs a single Boeing or Airbus for 60 million on the same route… (even if they have identical ratings).

An added advantage is ofcourse that this also reserves slots for further expansion.

Is this kind of exploit behaviour really allowed??? I see several airlines engaging heavilly in this behaviour in the mega airports like LHR and so on.

Have you checked out the Aircraft Evaluation Tool with the LETs vs other aircraft in flights including LHR and other mega airports?

The new server configuration / patch that was rolled out today on the rest of the old servers discourage this behaviour. For example landing a BNI in LHR now costs over 1000AS. A player must have ticket prices set to cover all direct costs (of which landing fee is just one). Therefore just to cover the landing fee now a player (based on a 9 seat aircraft) has to have a minimum ticket price of 111AS to just cover the landing fee. If you operate larger aircraft you can quite comfortably charge less on a shorter route.

So hopefully we see soon less of this unrealistic behaviour



It sounds like slot blocking to me, which is against the rules.

New aircraft landing fees have not yet been released on older servers AFAIK ..only other data patches. It has been posted here in the forums that the new landing fees are still being tested only on aspern, not yet on older servers.

Yea I noticed after I posted… :frowning: hopefully rolled out soon though