"Favorite" Buttons


I was just clicking through the Route Management Tool when suddenly an idea came to my mind. My company offers a number of routes. While I do weekly checks on all of them, my main focus always is on 3-4 of them. These are routes which I either just started, have intense competition or just simply have a high share on my overall revenues. To acces these routes I in the management tool, I always have to use a combination of the two drop downs, which can be annoying if you have a large number of branch offices.

So I was wondering whether we could implement a number of customizable "Favorite" buttons in to the various management menus. With these short cuts, players could more easily acces their top focus routes, aircrafts, offices etc. This would save time and might provide a better workflow...

That is not a bad idea. You could flag routes that you want to pay special attention to.

Very good idea !