Finding profitable routes

[font="Trebuchet MS"][size="3"] Is there any way to find out with which routes can you start?

If there is no flight booked for a specific route, is this a reason to fly on that route? Because from what I’ve seen, you won’t get almost any bookings if you fly alone that route… So how can you find passengers for a specific route?

Thank you!


if there are at least two airlines in reality who fly this route regulary, you can be sure there are some (minimal 1) pax who want to flight this route in AS

(works in the majority of cases)

[size="3"]Is there any way to improve the number of pax on a specific route? I mean, somebody had to start flying on that route which now have at least two airlines flying regularly, as you said.

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in this game the number of passengers that will fly from A to B is fixed. But there are also passengers from C, D or E who want to fly to B…

You can only "improve" a route by adding more flights to your network. If your flights connect (respect the minimum transfer time and allow maximum 8 hours between arrival and departure), some passengers that arrive from airport C, D and E will arrive in your hub A and take a connecting flight to B.