First Class bookings from Asia?


I have started flights from Asia to Europe (PEK -SXF) and recognized, that First Class doesn’t seem to get any passengers at all. Checked ORS and ratings are best as well as prices.

Have seen something similar from Dubai before and am kind of irritated by that.

Is there any general rule or issue preventing First Class passengers from Asia?


Well first class demand is rather low, I also have only a few routes on which first class is selling really well.

I guess that’s no region specific problem but rather a real world problem since most airlines have done away with their first classes and replaced them with upgraded business classes instead.

Do you have an IL with anyone at SXF that operates 1st class? (I’m assuming you have 1st class on some of your other routes).

I have terminated all first class service, because even on my top routes (e.g. 5 daily 773 service) there is not enough demand…

in europe, i have no issues filling first class. probably because most others don’t offer it.

just sad, that on long range that doesn’t seem to work. neither to us nor mid east or asia. which i find odd as in real live, especially certain asian and arabic airlines are well-known for their top-class services…