First class demand

Hello fellow competitors.

I have a question,

I’ve started playing for quite a long time and finally got the good grip and for quite some time I have been sucessfull. My airline takes homebase at GIG airport and have settled a good connectivity with a “medium” size network of domestic flights concentrated at my hub. That being said, I went to international flights and I’m being a little bit confused. The only route that I get the first class full is GIG-LIS in my Tristar (4F seats) and around 80% in the 744 (12F seats). The other international routes such as MIA, MCO, CDG, JNB, BOG, LIM and FRA I’m with zero pax in first class on all flights and sometimes get 1 pax (All my widebody planes for international have 4F seats, besides the 744). Some of my planes fly some medium range domestic flights such as REC, FOR, MAO, etc, and they always get full First class, including my A300, which I only use for higher demand domestic markets and have 6F seats. All the other domestic/south america flights are operated by my fleet of 737s and Embraers with only C and Y seats.

All those domestic flights that have F seats and get full connect with my international in arrival and departure, service profiles are the best for F on all routes, seats are the Open Suite Deluxe and get the highest ORS for all the flights and the age of the planes vary because I’m using the 747-400, Tristar One/500, MD-11ER and A330neo.

What am I doing wrong and what can I do to have those seats filled up?

PS: I’m not considering getting rid of the First class on my planes.

One more thing,
Since I’ve started some more international flights, looks like I’ve been draining pax from other inter flights even though having more domestic traffic to feed them… Is there anything to do or correct on this matter also?

Thanks for every single answer in advance.

I am no expert whatsoever as i have never offered first class but this is from what I have read: it is likely that there is limited demand on these flights anyway, and due to your most likely good business class, most of these passengers are downgrading. But for actual guidance listen to the others who will comment! :grinning:

Upgrade to luxury suite. Doesn’t need much more space but brings in more pax. Just because direct flight has max ors, doesn’t mean that its maxed out on all connections.

Sorry, i’ve wrote it wrong.

The seat on the A300s are the Full Bed, since it doesn’t fly far enough for the ORS fall from max.

The MD-11, 744, Tristar and A339 are the Private Suite, one under from the Luxury that get full satisfaction already.

AFAIK, passengers only downgrade if their choice class isn’t available. First Class passengers will still choose the worst First Class over the best Business.

5 bars doesn’t necessarily mean full. It can mean anything from 80 to 100. You might be getting max rating on direct flights (which explains the full GIG-LIS) but not on connections.