Fleet list should show MaintananceRatio

It would be very helpful (and save a lot of time, as I currently enter this manually in the aircraft’s remarks), if the fleet list could show the current maintenance ratio. In that way it would be easier to identify aircraft which have capacity for new flights.

invest 2 seconds after creating your flight schedule and write the ratio under remarks ;)

Well, thats what I am doing. However, it is a lot of work to amend this with every single schedule change, and therefore often not up to date. Are you doing better?

i do it same way, and i kick myself in the ass not to get lazy, so it’s all the time up to date

but this dosn’t really help, because also if a see a plane with capacity im too lazy to fill it up :D

i’d appreciate seeing the maintance ratio at once too. of course you can add it manually but it should be quite easy adding it to the fleet list. (and maybe replace the “nickname” which i don’t really much care about)

That is actually a good idea. Just mentioning it on the fleet overview page would be okay.

All my planes are fully scheduled, but sometimes I get a new plane and don’t manage to get all the flights in that I want. In such a case a quick glance at the fleet page could tell me which plane has some margin left. Then it would be easy to swap a new flight with a slightly shorter flight from an existing schedule.