Fleet type

Just to confirm fleet types are only for leased aircraft correct? If you own them outright they are not part of your 3 allowed? This is on Meigs if it makes a difference.

You mean for the Maintanance categories? Dosn’t matter in that case if you lease or buy them. Only 3 Categories are for free… for every category more you will 15% more for every category.


yes I’m sorry that is what I meant.

I wanted to point to the wiki. Is that just poor wording? To me it says if you buy an aircraft it doesn’t count towards your limit of 3 and if you lease planes they don’t count toward your limit of 3. Or is it saying if you were to purchase a plane to lease out that you wouldn’t count it towards your three? In the past I hadn’t seen a difference.

If you buy a plane and an other airline is leasing the plane from you - this plane does not count to your fleet anymore and you will not pay maintenance.

Oh ok then. Well that’s bad wording!