Flexible deployment of cargo and passenger

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Now in the AS, an aircraft cargo capacity is determined by the maximum capacity. For example, 77W of thepayload capacity of 61.4 tons, the game, 77W maximum capacity is 550,550 × 85kg = 46.75 tons, so the maximum cargo capacity equal to 61.4-46.75 = 14.65 tons. But in fact, the player usually only set up to 350 seats,which is only 29.75 tons. Therefore, the remaining cargo capacity is 61.4-29.75 = 31.65 tons.

In reality, 77W at full load of passengers at the same time often also carry over 30 tons of cargo. In the AS, if you choose a more luxurious seat, you will have to sacrifice the aircraft payload.

Therefore, AS can provide a feature that allows players the flexibility to use payload. As the seat 737-900ER, asset a load range. The upper limit for the whole range of loading condition, the lower limit for the maximum loadstate. When the players selected for the aircraft seat layout, the game automatically generate real value of the cargo.

I am the most commonly used aircraft 73G, it is only 300KG of cargo capacity, but I usually just set up 115 seatsand another 34 seats should be replaced with 2900KG of cargo capacity.[/size][/color][/font]

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[color=#333333][font=Arial][size=3]The possibility of using cloud computing technology, so that all players are involved in computerterms, this can significantly reduce the server load[/size][/font][/color]

[color=#333333][font=Arial][size=3]Also, if the player’s computer has the additional ability and time, allowing players to choose whether to provide additional computing power in exchange for credit.[/size][/font][/color]

[color=#333333][font=Arial][size=3]This can create a client to achieve. Players use a client’s website and complete separation.Calculation procedure only when the player is willing to start work, while reducing the server loadfor the players to earn credit. Willing to participate in operations of the players enough time each day on the client (for example, 4 hours, less than this time, no points), other players can enjoy afaster and more realistic gaming.[/size][/font][/color]

[color=#333333][font=Arial][size=3]The client can take advantage of graphics computing power, especially the AMD graphics cards,using openCl technology. This will not affect the player’s other work.[/size][/font][/color]

[color=#333333][font=Arial][size=3]This is a win-win for the team and players, the team more servers can be expanded to providemore and better features, players can play the game cheap.[/size][/font][/color]