Flight Attendant Amount

When you make a new cabin config, you have to select the amount of flight attendants per class. If you selected a fraction of the amount available (e.g. 7/10 available) would you be saving money by not having to have the extra 3 flight attendants per flight? Or does this not matter?


You will safe the money yes ... and it will influence also your rating a little .... as it was anounced in the Video from the convention last week there will be a new seating tool coming very soon and there you can also change the number of FA without creating a compleately new seating ....I would reckon to wait a few days and then change the seating since with the new tool there will be lots of new options -)

It really depends on your strategy. A better FA/Pax-ratio has positive effects on image, service etc. but it also increases costs due to the higher number of cabin crew.

I schedule a higher number of flight attendants on long haul flights, above the minimum required.This means that my 757-cabin crews consists of six members. My aim is that the higher number of cabin crew allows a better service.

Here are the numbers of FAs per aircraft at Sparrow Air:

B717 (3)

MD-87/-88/-90 (4)

A319/320 (4)

A321 (6)

B757-200 (6)

B757-300 (8)