Flight Cancelled - Wrong airport

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I have a Question,

I'm a newbie in the game but I do want to learn.

I don't know why the schedule started at the wrong time which led the flight cancellation at wrong airport.

I attached some files 

Can you take a quick look please and help me with that?

The schedule doesn't starts at 00:00 when I 3 days delayed it.

thank guys :)

the schedule starts either 24 hours or 72 hours in the future. this is not based on specific days, but on the actual time of activation.

so if it is 4:25 UTC, the first flight that will be booked when activating (24 hours) is the first one that departs at 4:25 or later the next day. if you activate with a 3 day delay, it's 4:25 UTC three days later.

and if you want to have it very precise: take a look at the "status" link at the bottom of every page. it tells you when the system does what. the item "insert flights into ORS" is the item you are looking for. at this time, the system checks if there are new flights to be booked into the system.

to stick with the example above:

you activate at 4:25, the "insert flights into ORS" item will next be processed at 4:39 (happens every 30 minutes), then the first flight to be booked is the one departing at 4:39 or later either the next day or three days in the future, depending on the activation mode.

I would add to the above example that with a  3-day delay activation, flights will be booked as-they-come, 72 hours from the activation time.

So at 4.39 flights departing between 4.39 and 5.09 in 72 hours will be booked, at 5.09 flights departing between 5.09 and 5.39 in 72 hours will be booked, etc. until the whole 72-hour cycle is complete. If your first flight departs at 7.15, for example, and you activate with 72-hour delay at 4.05, ORS update runs at 4.09 but the flight won't be booked until 7.09 ORS update time (so 4.09, 4.39, 5.09, 5.39, 6.09 and 6.39 ORS updates will pass without any flight being booked).

With immediate activation, given the example above, at 4.39 all flights departing between 4.39 between 24 and 72 hours will be booked, but not beyond 72 hours and no less than 24 hours.

So today is Friday, at 4.39 with immediate activation, will book all flights between 4.39 Saturday and 4.39 Monday. Then, at 5.09, will be booked flights that depart between 5.09 and 5.39 in 72hours (because everything else >72 hours is already booked into ORS). This cycle then continues with booking flights 72 hours in advance of the current ORS booking time and the next ORS booking time. (This will be same for bot immediate and 72-hour activation).

Also one note - immediate activation is actually 24 hour activation.


Immediate activation: Next ORS update will book flights departing 24 hours from ORS update time till 72 hours from ORS update time.

                                   Each subsequent ORS update books flights departing in 72 hours in the future between the given ORS update time and next ORS update time.

72-hour activation: First flight that will get booked is the flight departing in 72 hours between the current ORS update time and the next ORS update time.

                                   Each subsequent ORS update books flights departing in 72 hours in the future between the given ORS update time and next ORS update time.


You can transfer your plane at the right airport after the first flight is scheduled. You can transfer a plane to any airport where you have an opened office on the page of scheduled flights (bottom of the page, destination - > choose one).


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