flights cancelled

today i find that two seemingly random flights were ‘cancelled’. i hover over and they say “still in air”. the flights following continued on as normal?

could someone please explain?

Could you post a screenshot of the aircraft’s flights list? This sounds very strange.

i already posted a pic, in the locked thread. i thought it was more appropriate to post in the other group is all.

i will try again


untitled 2.png


I don’t know why you got the “still in air” message…

But it looks as if your flights were cancelled because the plane was at the wrong airport. The last finished flight before the first cancelled flight is not visible on the screenshot, but have a look at the second cancelled flight:

Singapore - Jakarta flight is landed, so the plane is in Jakarta.

Singapore - Perth flight is cancelled because the plane was in Jakarta, not in Singapore. Besides, this flight was scheduled to take off two minutes before the previous flight had landed.

Jakarta - Perth flight was carried out as scheduled because the plane was ready and at the correct airport.

Did you recently change the flight schedule ?


haha, oh yes i see now! it must be just that view that i took the screenshot… in the plane flight schedule it all lined up. rookie mistake!

thanks, oscar