Flights too far for the 737-700BGW

Which aircraft is best for these slightly longer routes??

Should i go with another 737 800/900 or do the airbuses provide a better deal?


I use the Boeing 737-900ER HGW (winglets).

With Ecoplus-Seats one rounf trip per day JNB-ATH-JNB (7087 km each leg) is possible.

What about the 737-700HGW?

If your looking at connecting 2 major hubs on different continents, the B737-900ER HGW (with or without winglets) is your plane!

Offers excellent range at a very low leasing rate, PLUS FANTASTIC ECONOMY.

I had 400 of these in my last airline a year ago. You can put them on short haul and they will still give you excellent margins.