FLITRA (Flight Transport Int.)


[b]Flight Transport Int. [ FLITRA ]

[/b]News / News

[b]Hub / Drehkreuz

[/b]London Heathrow (LHR)


[/b]World Alliance

Destinations / Ziele

  • Madrid

  • Berlin

  • Dusseldorf

  • Paris

  • Dublin

  • Edinburgh

  • Manchester

  • Glasgow

Fleet [b]/ Flotte

[/b]3x Embraer 190

2x Embraer 175

[b]Commercial / Werbung



Sorry bro. but i dont understand your "picture".

never mind just typed in flitra.com but actually made a typo :rolleyes:

haha you meant filtra.com?`:D

yup :rolleyes:

You might want to check your spelling:

EM(presa)BR(asileira) de AER(onautica) --> Embraer :)

And I guess you forgot something in your header --> Your gateWAY to the world.

Anyways, I’m glad this board is used for something other than questions that should go into the support forums ;) .