your airline for Singapore

Ladys and Gentlemen,

welcome to the offical newsthread of wich is based at Singapore´s Internaltional Airport Changi.110


We are the Airline wich transportet the most passengers in singapore until yesterday. Right now our opponent Air Soleil is number one.

We want to bulid up a strong network, to get back to Position 1 ;)

To do so we need some help, you have to know there are about 11! airlines based at SIN, so you cloud guess that the Competition is very very hard.

Because of that we have started our IPO today.

Here are some facts about our airline :

We already transportet 73.699 Passengers wich means we are number 2 behind Air Soleil, and it´s only a diffrence about 1000 Passengers.

We are higly profitabel, we got a margin wich is about 29% and wich will reach 30 % today.That means we are earning about 1.5 million AS$ week with only 4 A320.

We are serving only 4 routs wich means we have a clear view on our loadfactor, so we are able to react on problems and solve the very fast.

Thany you for your kind attention! If you need more facts or info about don´t hesitate to ask right here in the forums or via PM in game !

Shares could be singed here. Feel free to do so, and help a small airline becoming the biggest and strongest in Singapore! ;)

German translation will follow soon :)