Forming a real quality alliance - good flight planners and realistic players get here!

Hi Meigsians,

I would like to form a close-to-reality and quality alliance with thought.

The standards:

  • Modern and comfortable fleet

  • Realistic schedule, based on your passengers wishes, which means:

    • no night flights at 03:20, unless there is a really, really good reason (and those are rare)

    • no flights within a ground network

    •   Even a blind man only needs a minute to spot your connecting waves in your hub&spoke system
    •   Your schedule is oriented at the 5 minute-slot pattern like in reality - who needs to squeeze every 2 minutes out of a schedule, must be a bad, bad flight planner!
    • Flying to the same destination 2 times daily, but within 10 minutes of time (e.g. 11:30, 11:40 again) is another sign of bad planning and not orienting at the passengers needs

  • The alliances target is to establish an effective and realistic network with a maximum of cooperation and connection. "I need to postpone my connecting flight by 10 minutes because you can´t fit it in your schedule? Sure I will!"

  • We deny IL with members of other alliances! (What do you have the alliance for then, hu?)

  • We deny IL with our members competitors!

  • We accept regional exclusivity for our fellow members, even if it hurts.

  • All members have a logo. If someone is not able to create one, we help each other out.

Looking through the alliances so far, I can´t see anyone though they all talk about it. Or they are not consequent in their own rules. Well, we will be. A cooperation is always based on certain rules. If a member is breaching the rules, he is asked to correct it. If not, he is leaving.

I am sure, there are enough of you out there that see things the same way! Let´s unify, guys - against bad planning, and against profit junkies with their damn Boeing 727s and 732s!

You can also write an ingame PM at


Rhythm Airlines

Kansas City, US


Actually, I enjoy the way you describe simulation: as real as possible. I used to play Airlinesim before, in other worlds, but I stopped playing; however, my aviation enthusiasm told me to play again; So I’m back. If your alliance idea is still alive, I will sure cooperate and take part of the network. However, I started my airline today and I’m waiting for more airplanes who are already ordered. Anyway, when I’m established in my home airport, I’m going to write you again!


Starling Airlines

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain