Forming Alliances


I have a strategy where I have split my companies into several enterprises under one holding company.  The idea is that each enterprise will develop a local hub where I can get traffic rights (open countries) and that I will then combine the companies into one alliance and connect the different hubs when they are ready to take it.

So far i have three companies and have been going since April.  I had an IPO of the first two companies and raised enough cash in the holding company to create a viable base for the third enterprise.

The two first enterprises are interlinking and it seems to be working fine.

Now I have attempted to have the Holding company form an alliance and then invite the two established entrprises to join it but I have had no success with that.  It say the the enterprises are not old enough or there is some other reasons it cannot happen. 

So the questions are:

  • What is the benefits of an alliance over as opposed to just interlinking?  Is it just to get a common schedule or does it have practical implications?
  • Can a holding company (which does no active business) be the founder of an alliance?
  • How old must an enterprise be to form and alliance and how old to join one?


Answers to your questions:

1. At present, no financial or operational benefits. The ONLY benefit is easier communication with the alliance members via the discussion board. Now, the alliance can decide on various 'rules' such as exclusivity etc which can be of benefit to its members, but thats up to the directors and members.

2. Yes.

3. As far as I know, you need to be a premium user.

I am confused - I am a premium user, I seek to form an alliance and the members of the alliance are:

  1. My Holding Company
  2. 1st Enterprise (public company)
  3. 2nd Enterprise (public company)

And it say that 1sr Enterprise is either too new or already member of another alliance.

Isn't it a bit weird to ally with yourself?

It would seem to me that they are already allied by virtue of the fact that they are a holding and its subsidiaries. You already have the important benefit of their ability to interline with each other; the formation of an alliance consisting of just these companies seems redundant. Your stated goals (as I understand them) can be accomplished simply by interlining them and connecting the hubs.