Forum Moderation and 'dislike' Button

It's clear that some people have failed common courtesy to afford each other netiquette as has been laid out here:

So to AS Team please bring back active forum moderation. Thread hijacking post and spamming should be dealt more seriously with penalty include warning points, posts deletion and count reset, to discourage such annoying users.

Also, a 'dislike' button would be appreciated, to 'reward' the bad poster accordingly and post with certain number of 'dislike' should be automatically deleted and user automatically banned, pending moderator's review.

Couldn't possibly support this more.

I certainly agree on more forum moderation. But it seem like the team are very inactive and so far I have in all the time I have played this game I have only seen Martin, Spezialist and SK actually doing moderating and as SK is gone there are only two moderators which is way to little for a community this size. This absolutely need to be brought up by the team and either become more active or expand with new active members. If an active moderating team hides theese posts and temporarily blocks the user´s forum account (not in game) the UAB could come to a decision regarding a punishment.

The report button already works for that purpose and dislikes do not need to exist, we should be a positive community and with dislikes I am afraid that would not happen. There is no need to bring the player out in public to be thrown tomatoes at it can swiftly be handled by moderators and UAB.

Seems this guy is completely nuts... would be interesting to know which drugs make your brain smooth like this guy...

While I agree the community should be positive, the community also has to be empowered to thumbs-up and thumbs-down and impact users rating by doing so. The way it is going now, credibility is falsely attributed to post count, which really has no relation as some high post count users simply too noisy, always have something to say without other things to do. And some crazy newbies simply want to increase post count to climb the rank. So this has to be addressed somehow.

A negative rating button was once a thing in the old forum. It was removed for good reasons. But, yes, (more) active and independent moderators are needed while the average day in this forum is very civilized I might say. :D