Frankfurt nightflight ban

Hi there

I would as the AS-team how the soon introduced night-flight-ban @ FRA will affect the existing airlines which dep/arr currently at the new prohibited hours.

Is the night flight ban from 23.00 - 05.00 local time?

The night flight ban will be - like on every other airport - from 0 to 6 AM. However, i have no clue how it will be implemented. Formerly i had proposed to insert the ban but still allowing flights, that have been created pre-ban.

If the nightly flight ban will come (and I have no doubt) I see no reason to keep the current flights within this time. I can imagine to set a fix day to become effective with the pattern intra-city-flights. There will be a long time before and the will be a lot of player crying about it.

Traditionally, changes that would negatively affect an airport (shorter runway, nighttime ban introduced, slot reduction, etc) would not be introduced to running servers. Now I can’t say for certain, but I would expect the same would be the case now, and all current servers would remain having a Frankfurt International Airport without a nighttime ban.

Things might have changed. The intra-city flight ban was also introduced

That’s right and it things will change too - there might be comming night flight bans and airports closing - but as long as we don’t have announced that and announced any method on how to continue or not with existing flights, you shouldn’t think to much about this ;)