Freighter Conversions

Dear AS…

Dont often come to the forums, so sorry if it’s already been suggested…

Since I’m enjoying playing more as cargo operators, I’ve a suggestion with regards to aircraft availabilty…

I love the Boeing 757-200 SF/PF as a frieghter, but there are simply not enough of them around…

Why not implement a "conversion" option…buy old passenger versions (as there are loads on the markets right now) and pay to convert them as in real life?

This could of course be rolled out across the board, to include more than just the 757…I believe there are similar real world facilities for A300’s, 747’s…even the MD-80 family.

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CEO cargoMAX


Just really wanted to bump this to see if any of the AS guys had any thoughts on this?

And also to ask, can we hope for the 737-400F any time in future AS updates?

And my support ticket regarding the 737-700C’s true cargo capacity (188CU) seems to of gone unanswered?

I guess the conversion might come with the new performance system. I remember having read something about several configuration options that 'll come along with that. But maybe I am confusing something.

I am bumping this thread again....

Freighter conversion option is so massively needed by the cargo operators among us....


Its the B757s also. At least allow it for owned aircraft and a suitable conversion cost.

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Very very good idea 

I strongly agree with this one )

@support Team     wie sieht es aus...kommt da was???

Oh look....yet another cargo conversion....

To rival the ATR72F with a matching payload of 9000kg.....

No answers about this idea from AS still....dissapointing.

a really good idea and it would be real nice to see the AS team considering this...

It is condiered but not possible with the current system. Therefor the new performance system ist planed.

It is condiered but not possible with the current system. Therefor the new performance system ist planed.

Not trying to be rude, but that is very vague. Any reason why? Im not into networking or software, but I know you have added new aircraft before, so it would seem adding a new aircraft (757-200BCF, etc.) would be simple. The only difference is you would need to delete the older aircraft and (in this case a 757-200) create the new one simultaneously. Sorry if i'm missing something here, but it does seem like it should be possible.

Thank you for any clarification.

EDIT: I realized I worded that post poorly. Apologies. I tend to be overly curious sometimes. You did say it had been considered. If it truly isn’t possible, then thank you for considering it anyway. I would just really like to see the sim be as realistic as possible. Ive been staring at those PAX 757-200’s longingly for too long =(

It is not that easy as it sounds. Especially with the future development, we can not simply add a new "type" and having with and without winglets or freighter conversions as two "types".

AS...thank you for the recent update to the 737-700C cargo capacity....

Do I now need to reschedule all my aircraft with new flight numbers to make the new capacity kick in? Similar to when the E190 family was updated?

Also, whilst checking aircraft still shows maximum payload of 17555kg...suggesting to me the update hasnt actually gone through yet?

And any chance still of the 737-400SF?


So I have changed the flight numbers and re-launched the schedules....the new 182CU capacity is not in place! Argh!

More hours wasted....

Please fix AS

AS....any further news on my support tickets, showing that the recent update of the 737-700C to the new CU config of 182 hasn't "kicked in"?

Being a large operator of could start bringing in some serious profit!

And still waiting for the 737-400F....

New game world....and yet we're (I'm) still awaiting the aging 737-400SF...

How about for simplicity, instead of creating a new type..... just pay to convert a existing model into another existing model.  So a 752 to a 752F etc. 

Nevermind.  I reread OffDutyFO's post, and it's exactly what I was suggesting.  I just misinterpreted it.