Full one way but not the other?

Hi, I have been playing this game for years now so am not a noob.

I have been finding that many flights have been filling in one direction but not the other. It seems that the flights from my hub suffer while the flights to my hub do well.

It is not really isolated to one route and it happens on routes where the frequency in like 8 times daily so I don’t think it has something to do with bad connections.

It is an airline on nicosia and it seems to be happening after the admins changed something in the game to stop it crashing. Is it just me or everyone else as well?

I have a similar issue with my hub at Nadi (Fiji). Flights to my hub are great and from, not so much. But this I think is the O/D pax + connecting pax to my hub add up but the connecting pax less so for the outbound. It’s no biggy, I have 105 seat A318’s and when I see full inbound and 98/105 outbound, I think it’s worthwhile having those extra 98. Having 100% full isn’t always a necessity.

Same thing here. a number of airports where there is no competition and no explanation why it happens. The only explanation I can think of is pax are using ground connections.

I have this situation for the OTP-SKP route on Stapletone. The funny thing is that I started a new subsidiary and introduced a new OTP-SKP flight but at a different hour and I found out that the other leg of the flight is getting full . For the holding I have almost full plane on OTP-SKP and for the subsidiary on SKP-OTP. I can say that this is just a matter of flight hour and future connections.

Connections are the root cause for this problem. If passengers are not boarding your flight in one direction, they usually just cannot reach desired connecting flights.