Future of User Advisory Board


With the start of the new servers, especially Meigs where I’m based, there has been an increase in dubious actions from different members, which can also be seen in the increasing number of posts in this regard in the forum. Yet, we have not heard anything from the User Advisory Board for months, I could even read that not all members of the User Advisory Board are actively taking part, which to me is somehow inacceptable when thinking about the words they used to promote themselves. And me personally, I’m still waiting for a final decision on an inquiry that started almost half a year ago!

Obviously the User Advisory Board is completely overwhelmed and not able to fulfill his duties or they are simply not doing what they should. To be honest, for me this Board is currently just a joke!

I acknowledge the increasing number of inquiries and have three suggestions on how to improve the Board and restore it’s credibility:

  • Having one Board for all the servers is merely impossible, as the amount of work is most likely more than the guys can do. Therefore I suggest a system with approx. 5 members on EACH server. Me personally I’m very familiar with the server, user and airlines I’m operating on, at least I know a bit what’s going on. I can easily check if there’s an issue when I’m online, because I’m already logged in in my gameworld. This, together with the reduction of members would lead to a faster reaction time of the UAB and less time for the members to invest to check the respective issue.
  • Having read that some users of the UAB do not take part in the polls (which makes me ask why they wanted to get elected) I’d suggest that a UAB-member who does not take part in, say, at least 80% of the polls is automatically removed from his duties. Of course there are reasons for not taking part, e.g. holidays, which have to be looked at differently.
  • In contrast of the current procedure, the UAB publishes not only results but also inquires and preliminary actions taken which have been started to give a more transparent view of his work and to avoid making members feel that the UAB is "not doing anything".

I think these measures would make the UAB an authority again. Right now, as I’ve said, it’s simply a joke as there have been so many obvious things on Meigs going on.

it makes no sense to build a User Advisory Board for every server

and sometimes decisions already made, it’s not always UABs fault.

I think there is some merit in self regulation. Server internal UAB’s could have limited power to handle minor infringements based on a set of guidelines set by the primary UAB, effectively handing out “speeding tickets.” Greater problems would then be referred up to the UAB and any user who feels they have been unfairly treated by server boards can appeal to the UAB.

So in effect devolution of responsibility.

As a current member of the UAB I want to reply to this.

First “UAB is just a joke” statement shows you don’t know exactly what UAB stands for. It’s User Advisory Board, not some sort of power that can deal with the issues that you feel on their own. It’s an organ that helps and advises the creators of the game on internal issues or any other problem they encounter and gives them some sort of a relevant feedback instead of the “hurr durr” discussions that sometimes take place on the forums. UAB articulates opinions, it has no power in excersizing them. Nor does it have any definite say in anything - and it should always stay that way.

So far we dealt with every issue that was layed in front of us swiftly and withing a day, max two (when we talk about breaking of the rules). How our decisions are impemented (or whether) is a thing of the creators and I have to say that the care they provide to each case is exceptional.

With that said:

a) you can’t just ban people, it’s not that simple even if you don’t like it

b ) having a UAB on every server is not workable nor necessary

c) removing UAB members for inactivity is not possible as well because a) the issues are sometimes too complicated and discussion last long b ) some of us have real life and have to leave for a period of time/people may get sick etc. Plus members of the UAB are voted for. If you remove two halfway through their period what will you do? Leave the place blank? Then there is no need. Make special vote just for two? Then it’s an utter chaos.

Also if there is so much going on please feel free to report all the companies. But if they remain in the game there is nothing you can do. When something looks shady it doesn’t have to be shady and I assure you all reports are being dealt with. But there is really not much that cheating (or meaningful cheating) as you may think.

I am agreeing with voeni in a view points. It takes much too long to come to a decision in a view points we have to discuss. And I agree with a lack of transparency.

We were "discussing" this and unfortunaltely only one UAB-member was reacting to the suggestion.

I hope, the next UAB will be a little bit more active, but three members react on this topic anyway.