Gatow again, backlog and timeouts

I'm trying to setup a schedule on Gatow but keep getting "operation timed out" messages. There is a backlog on the server, though rather small. Still, I thought it was running smoothly already, seems it's not the case...

There is nothing we can do at this point. We are working feverishly on finding a solution but we don't know how long it will take. We are very sorry for this :(

Gatow is getting beyond ridiculous now. The simplest task which could normally be done within a few minutes now takes 5/10 mins due to the 'operation timed out message'. With Agex now plummeting, which on its own is not an issue, however when you are not able to make changes to aircraft and schedules so easy now its beyond a joke and really frustrating. I do hope that it gets resolved as soon as possible and am sure everyone is doing what they can. Just venting my anger!! 

Me too, getting very frustrated, particularly when you consider this is something we are paying for.

One thing that puzzles me though, is why the other servers don't seem to have this issue, what's different?

It does seem increasingly intermittent in its responsiveness lately. Sometimes when I log on everything is perfectly fine. Most other times though, like earlier today when I was trying to redo schedules, it times out out multiple times before going through properly. I'm fairly small (~12 planes), and it was bugging me quite a bit. If you're a large airline that needs to do anything remotely extensive then I wouldn't be surprised if you gave up altogether.