Getting more passengers?

I'm new to the game, and need some help.  I was wondering how do I get more passengers on my flights? Does lowering ticket prices help?  Also, the info regarding the connecting flights is confusing. Do I need to half domestic flights in the morning, and then wait an hour so and then fly international flights?

Any help/advice will be much appreciated!

Your best bet in getting more pax is to monitor your ORS rating and making sure you get at least better/equal ratings than your competition.

Forget about international flights if you only just started. Your loads won’t get to required levels in most cases, unless you have a strong domestic hub first.

Check the minimum connection time on your main airport. Then make sure, that passengers have at least that amount of time (+1 minute) to connect from one flight to the next. So if you arrive from the north at 8:00, your flights to the south should not take off earlier than 9:01 if your min connection time is 1:00h. Also ensure your geographical connections make sense. If you arrive from Stockholm to Rome, a passenger won’t connect to Oslo.

Also, if you want some specific advice for your current company, please post server and airline name - makes it easier for us, to help you to improve :-) 


I join the question that asked Aaron9595. Help me please.

Aspen. Russia Airways.