Ground handling salary


Hey everyone,

I’m operating several terminals that I’ve built myself and now I have ground handling personnel in my personnel management screen which I did expect. However, I keep upping the salary every week for them but I still have 5 red bars for their happiness. Please see this screenshot of my salary screen:

Do I need to keep increasing these numbers? Seems too high already personally but maybe I just don’t know. Any advice would be appreciated!


What’s the country average for that position (last column on the right)? If you’re 5 bars in red, you’re going to need to pay double the country average for several weeks until you get it at 5 green bars.

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The country average right now for Ground Handling is 825 $AS.

I’ll try that! I didn’t realize the happiness bars worked like that. I’ll report back in a couple weeks and let ya’ll know if it worked.