Ground Handling

Hey gang!

So, recently I have signed a ground handling contract to reduce the ground handling costs of certain flights. I have a few questions. Currently, I have a ground handling need of roughly 70,000... my contract was small (it was the only available terminal for rent, as I don't want to spend the capital of buying), so I rented terminal space with roughly a 2,400 capacity. Here are my questions...

1) I currently assigned this contract to several flights. Let's say that I assign it to flights totaling a need of 2,500 capacity. 100 over the rented terminal capacity. Does that extra 100 automatically use AS ground handling after the 2,400 capacity has been used, or, are the 100 not allowed to board/book the flight, therefore, losing revenue because they cannot board?

2) Alternatively, if I make this contract my default contract, do all flights at the beginning of the week automatically try to use this contract until the capacity is run out? And if not, and let's say I only assign 2,300 worth of flights, does the extra 100 in capacity I have left get used automatically by another flight if I make this my default contract?

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.

1.) Yes, the overspill is handled by AS.

2.) All flights that are assigned the ‘default service’ will make use of it, immediately after assigning the service. That are not necessarily all flights, when there are flights that have assigned to another service before. The remaining capacity of 100 in your example, would be used by other flights that are using the default contract.