Ground Network Question

Hello, this is probably a stupid question but I was wondering if it is pointless to have a flight from A to B that is also linked by the ground network.


Flight from Newcastle to Glasgow International when these locations are already linked by the ground network.

I would test it out to see if I get any bookings but I don’t receive my first plane until later this evening and I’m trying to organise my routes beforehand. Any help on this topic is appreciated.

see hereAs long as your flights are not mentioned as a city pair that is not allowed () you can try a flight from Newcastle to Glasgow since it is not marked as a City pair.

Overall answer to your question yes, keeping in mind the city pairs Benjamin linked above.

When you use the Online Reservation System (ORS) you will notice that almost every city pair that are close enough together will have a ground network. The key here regardless of the ground network is if your flight has a better rating than the ground services than there is no reason as to why you would not get people on you flight. Flying from Glasgow Int to Newcastle will have people wanting to fly. You must also consider things like service, eating and price which of course are all interlinked in a way. I have flown this route before and had people wanting to fly and did end up get a Dash 300 fully booked. The other consideration is your IL agreements. They will help you fill your plan regardless of what your route pair is.

If your just starting out, like you were saying try and hub a couple of flights to give your flight a better chance of getting bookings. If your starting with a LET410 you might get it full, but your returns will be low unless you jack up the price. This in turn can force people to use the ground network instead.

Best thing is to have a go. You will always learn more by having a go at it. It is a trail and error basis sometimes with AS, but that is where the challenge lies - getting the right aircraft for the right route! Not to mention making some AS dollars on the side :lol:

Good luck and hope it helps.

My two routes with the most traffic are linked by ground network to HQ.