Growth rates of airlines

What the heck is going on here? On **** there were three airlines severely competing.

Until two weeks ago. **** arrived and has become within 2 weeks number 2 at the airport!!!

I understand that certain airlines grow faster than others, but I do not understand how **** can grow 5 to 10 times faster than others.

Please resolve this!

First of all, do not call out names/airlines accusing them of cheating. I have edited your post.

Second… I took at look at his airline - and there’s nothing bad to say about it. He just knows the game.
Let’s take a look at a route you share. You run a price of 64$ with planes not booked.
He runs a 128$ price, at a sold out plane.

No wonder his growth is 10 times bigger than yours. He’s growing around 30% each week.

Again, instead of naming/accusing people for cheating, contact AS support.

This answer can only be a joke.

  1. I never accused anyone of cheating. I said that the airline not allowed to be named has some very strange growth rates and has been eating up 3 strong competitors within two weeks.

So why do you write I did? Do you know moe than me.

  1. You took a look at one single route if mewhich has already been cancelled.

  2. I will withdraw from this game as there obviously is something wrong.

Sorry, but this is a childish reaction. He ment to explain it to you and you go nuts. Why? There are always players that know the game more than others. In this case it seem like the 3 strong competitors you named are way weaker than the new player. Take the challenge, adjust your strategy which seem to give a lot of space for improvements and try to succeed. If you are looking for a kindergarden game this is perhaps not the right place to look.

Explain??? What did he explain??

He accused me.

He picked my worst route that I already closed and reasoned from that.

I and the other competitors try hard to gain tiny percentages in terms of profitability and SLF.

I have a profitability of 43%.

All these players have been in EWR since at least beginning of the year, i. e. at least 2 months.

Our percentages vary each week a little bit, but no one eats up the others in 2 weeks. The new guy does. He comes to town and eats up every one while his competitors have a SLFof above 90% and are highly profitable.

There is something ****** up and instead of decaptivating the messenger you should look for what is going on.

Who does you mean?
Moderators are not support team. You should report companies to AS support if you feel that something is wrong.
As others said - there are players who understand the mechanism better than others. That might be the case also here. But we don’t know.

That is the second post of yours that has had to be edited due to breach of forum rules. There is no need to name airlines, nor is there a need to use foul language. When you have calmed down, decided to take note of what other members have told you (once again forum moderators have very little to do with the support team), feel free to pm to unlock this thread to continue a sensible discussion within the rules of the forum

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Just to provide some clarity on this case:
It has been checked, but there was nothing wrong - just an airline that had already successfully grown elsewhere for three months and therefore having enough funds available for quick growth when it moved into a new hub.

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