Hankook Airline IPO Start

Hankook Airline is the national carrier of South Korea. It operates domestic, regional and intercontinental flights radiating from its home base in Seoul Incheon to key destinations around the world and within South Korea.

Hankook Airline operates a fleet of 19 aircrafts with best service and comfortable seats.

HA is commited to providing the highest levels of service at all customer touch points, making each journey to a pleasant trip.

Your journey will become more relaxing, and the business will be executed faster and more efficiently. The overall intention of our service is to provide elegance to your travel. Enjoy a comfortable and convenient service on the wing with Hankook Airline.

Hankook Airline offers a premium service that continues from the beginning of your journey to its end.

Visit us on http://en.airlinesim.aero/wiki/index.php/Hankook_Airline for more information

A proud member of Open Skies Alliance



  • Airline was founded on 13th july 2011

  • Largest fleet in South-Korea.

  • No.1 with 480 departures from ICN

  • One of the largest most efficient networks in the region with strong dedication to all domestic, regional and international routes within South-Korea.

  • 24 currently served airports


  • AAA rating maintained since foundation.

  • AS$14,000,000 turnover last week.

  • 40% profit margin (AS$ 5,669,617) last week

  • 47.335.892 Sitz-km / 19,00% of the total in South-Korea (No.1).

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A warm thank you goes to all investors.