Has there been changes to mx?

Has maintenance changed with the newer servers or is it still first three 100% then anything after is an additional 15% per type?

There’s been no public change to maintenance costs or the three categories rule. Why do you ask?

Because I didn’t know

Maintenance hasn’t changed since 2007 at least :slight_smile:

I hadn’t played in 8-10yrs and it’s a pretty important thing for me to consider so wanted to check. I see some people with 6+ types

I have 8. Used planes to grow fast in the beginning. Now I am already replacing.

How do you go about that? You just go to a new plane and build the same schedule then put it on three days delay and delete the flight schedule in the old plane? Does that line things up?

Seems like the additional mx cost would be eating you alive. I’m still at three only.

You can use the schedule transfer tool at the bottom of the flight plan. Makes it way easier.

If the speeds of the desired two aircraft are the same, and the schedule has no errors in the first place, should be as easy as cake. Just ensure that you don’t have any unwanted yellow overlaps or maintenance breaks. You can use remote standing and cargo limiting to fix the minute errors, but for bigger errors you might need to move around slots and things like that.

If the speeds of the two desired aircraft are different:

  • if you use default speeds for flights, just make sure no undesired yellow pops up, and that you still have a good mx ratio.

  • if you use speed overrides, the speed filed on the old a/c (±5% of the a/c speed on default) must be within the ±5% of the new a/c. Otherwise - error. For ex. Moving a flight on an A321 flying at 882 kmh (840 + 5%) to a 787 would be ok, since 882 is within the range (910 - 3% approx).

If error, it won’t let you automatically. But you can override that, and then move them. But you’ll have to edit each speed to fit the new a/c, which can make differences in slots, spaces, etc.

I try to stick to three maintenance categories per airline too. You’re not the only one. Costs won’t eat you alive but they don’t make the bottom lines any nicer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I can transfer most of the flightplans. MD-80s can easily be relaxed by 737 or A320s.

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Does MX increase only apply to leased aircraft? What if I finance purchase?

The type of acquisition does not matter.

I didn’t think so but the wiki states owned aircraft are not affected. I didn’t know if that meant completely paid off or just ones financed.

I don’t see anything in the handbook related. The wiki should no longer be accessible…

The wording here is probably not ideal. What it means is that “leased out” planes (which you must own) do not count towards the limit.


Ahh ok! Yes not ideal but technically it is a correct statement just confusing for my simple brain.

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